Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster Review

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster has the slam fire feature and is a spring-powered direct plunger blaster. This Nerf blaster can fire up to 75 feet. This unit boasts of the 25 disc drum. It also has a tactical rail for attachments. The package comes with a drum connector, 25-dart drum magazine and 25 Elite Darts.


The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage is quite long, roughly measuring at 20 inches. It has tactical rails located on the upper part of the gun. The unit also has a clip point on the handle for the strap that allows users to carry the blaster around their body.

The drum that holds at most 25 darts is attached at the right side.

The priming indicator is found at the back of the blaster and on the area where the stock is located. This blaster also features a secret dart holder that is found in the handle.


This Nerf gun features the SlamFire mode which allows user to shoot darts with a high rate of fire of 2.5 darts per second. Players only need to hold the trigger while pumping the grip or handle.

This unit also has a shooting range of up to 75 feet. And it fires very accurately for single shots.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage is a powerful blaster because of its direct plunger system which works like a conventional syringe.

Ease of Use

Users of this Nerf blaster may experience some challenges in using this blaster. For one, the big drum that holds the darts can block the view of the player. Plus, this plastic gun is rather difficult to conceal given its length and bulk.

Users will also need to use both hands with this gun due to its length, and the bulk of the drum on the right side. The large drum on the right side makes the unit a bit unbalanced.

Reloading the gun also takes time and can be a bit complicated as users will have to pull back the slamfire handle and clip release button then place the darts.
But the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage occasionally jams if the user is not careful in loading the darts inside the drums.

What the users are saying

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in Amazon. Almost 60 percent of those who have tried this product have given this blaster a rating of 5 stars.

Users of this gun have complimented its dart capacity, rate of fire and shooting range.

• Good accuracy
• Long range shots up to 75 feet
• Fast rate of fire at around 2.5 darts per second
• Strong power
• 25 dart capacity

• The unit can be unbalanced given the side-mounted drum
• Players will need to use both hands to stabilize the shots given the bulk of this blaster
• Loading of ammunition takes time despite the clip system for reloading.


If you want a gun that is high powered, accurate, and can shoot long ranges then the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage is for you. But if you get this blaster, then be prepared to deal with a fairly unbalanced toy gun and allot time to reload ammunitions in the unit.

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This Nerf blaster weighs approximately five pounds and made of the usual durable plastic that Nerf is known for. The unit also has six tactical rails for the preferred attachments of users. These tactical rails are located on top of the carrying handle, on top of the barrel, two rails under the barrel and one rail on each side (right and left).

Users, however, must take note that the tactical rails found on the left and right sided are covered when the blast shield is attached on top of the barrel.
This blaster also has a jam door found above the Stampede just under the carrying handle. It does not have a lock given that the Stampede ECS does not need manual priming since it is an automatic gun.

The clip release buttons are found beside the trigger on both sides of the blaster while the power handle is located on the left side of the trigger.

Carrying straps can be attached to this blaster as it comes with four points—two are found at the rear of the blaster and the other two are in front of the unit, below and above the muzzle.

This automatic Nerf blaster runs on six D-sized batteries.


The Stampede ECS is fully automatic but it can fire single shots, as well. Users simply need to pull back the trigger to fire a single shot.

This Nerf blaster has a motorized direct plunger system that pushes the darts for firing to the breech which automatically primes the blaster. This in turn releases the piston to shoot the ammunition with a mechanical method similar to the slam fire trigger mechanism. The black spring in the blaster (the return spring) changes the shooting mechanism which pushes a new dart upwards to the clip.

Take note, however, that the rather complicated internal mechanism of this blaster can cause jamming and damaging of the darts when users fail to load the darts to the blasters properly. Jamming is a common complaint among those who have tried the Stampede ECS.

The accuracy and rate of fire of this blaster is impressive. This blaster can fire three darts per second. A player can rapidly fire given its 18-dart clip capacity. It also has a 30 feet firing range.

Ease of Use

The Stampede ECS is rather heavy given its built plus the batteries needed to operate the blaster. It is in fact one of the heaviest Nerf blasters. Most of the weight of this blaster is at its rear side since this is where the batteries are located. Users who want a more balanced weight distribution can opt to attach tactical attachments in front, but this will result in a heavier blaster.

Shooting is also very easy since it is an automatic gun. Users will only need to switch the power button and pull the trigger to fire shots.

The batteries are to be removed with the help of a screwdriver. Many users, however, complained that the Stampede consumes so much battery life and require constant changing.

The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from Amazon buyers. Almost 60 percent of those who have used this Nerf blaster gave it a rating of 5 stars.

The majority of the users complimented the Stampede’s automatic gun feature, its power and firing range. Users however noted that the gun is quite heavy and consumes batteries fast thereby costing them money when they play. Plus, there are a number of users who complained that the blaster constantly jams.

• Fully automatic; no need for priming
• 18 dart clip capacity
• Powerful shots and long range firing up to 30 feet
• Can fire single shots if preferred by users
• Six tactical rails for more attachments
• Easy to reload and fire

• Heavy; may not be suited for smaller children
• Consumes a lot of battery
• Many complaints about constant jamming


The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS is considered as one of the best blasters under the N-Strike series and is also one of the heaviest Nerf blaster of all time. It is fully automatic and perfect for rapid firing. Firing and loading of darts is also easy with this unit.

Nerf gun wars players however should keep in mind that this blaster is rather heavy. It also consumes a lot of batteries. Users should also be careful and ensure that they load the darts properly; otherwise they will have to deal with the jamming of the ammunition.

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